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First Garage Wines Contest

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First Garage Wines Contest
When my friend Luca Risso launched Vino in Garage column we really didn't know how it would be received. But it took only a few months to realize that there was actually a fair number of fellow wine enthusiasts and, in a short time a stimulating debate about sharing responsibilities had begun. We don't really understand why "garage wine" sounds so funny in Italian, when the same term in France - "Vins du Garage" - ( indicates a specific category of wines considered rare and valuable. For them the important thing is not as much where the wine is made, but how: nurtured and cuddled with the maniacal care for which these micro-vintners are renowned. Certainly we didn't want to go that far; after all the French "garagistes" movement is actually composed of real producers with real (albeit small) farms.

Here is the amateur vintner ("garagista") we have in mind:

a) he/she is a true amateur
b) is a non profit wine producers
c) has no tax code number and is not backed by a commercial vinery

How it works


Terroir Vino, along with Vinix Unplugged is an event characterized by the ability to involve the majority of the Italian wine & food blogosphere. It's a tasting moment of course, but it is also an opportunity to make direct comparisons and to establish relationships between the various actors in the industry. Thus we decided to create a little "contest" for amateur vintners to coincide with our Vinix Unplugged Dinner and preceding Terroir Vino 2010. All interested amateur vintners can submit their samples to the TigullioVino Commission (the same one that selects wines for Terroir Vino), which will then select the best ones. The amateur vintners selected by the Commission will be asked to participate in person at the Vinix Unplugged Dinner (Sunday, June 6th, 2010, the day before TerroirVino) where all the bloggers, producers and wine lovers can taste them. In the same spirit of utmost informality that characterizes the event, the winner will be determined by "acclamation," The winners will be awarded with a free exhibition stand at Terroir Vino 2010 (Monday June 7th), where they will have the honor (and the burden) of facing the opinions of bloggers nd wine lovers, alongside with the professional producers.

All candidates should follow these rules:

  1. 1. Applications are already open: just send an e-mail to:
  2. 2. Wines for GWC must reach the Commission no later than May 9, 2010
  3. Given the small amounts produced by amateur vintners, they should guarantee a minimum of 1 bottle for tasting panel (capped with silicone plug to avoid bad surprises), at least 4 to 6 bottles for Vinix Unplugged Tasting Dinner and at least 6 bottles for Terroir Vino 2010.

Amateur vintners, don't be afraid, you're all invited!

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