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15 instead of 2 (packaging)

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It' not like the heat of the last few days is making me crazy.
Nor is it yet another special sale being offered by your local supermarket.

It is just a matter of stating the facts and showing you how to save room simply by taking advantage of another example of typical Italian creativity.

To quote Albert Einstein:
"Everyone knows a certain thing is unrealizable, until someone unaware of this comes along and invents it"

We invented Cromobox.
An internationally patented box that can be folded and personalized.

But which are the advantages of using this product? - you might ask.

First: obviously you save room. Look at the pictures and you will see the space occupied by two ordinary 6-bottle wooden boxes, compared to that of 15 (yes, fifteen!) Cromobox.

And, since nobody ever has enough storage room, here is how Cromobox can help a lot lowering your costs and helping with your Company logistics.

Then of course there is the matter of custom design and personalization.
And here is where you will find a new and amazing world waiting to be discovered.

New, because what was impossible is now possible.
Have you ever seen wooden containers as colorful as these? Of course not, simply because they never existed before.

Different, because your wooden box can now have what used to be available only in cardboard: color!

Amazing, because everything truly new always is, and this product is no exception.

Let's analyze the advantages of using Cromobox:

• Space: no need to remind you of the cost of floor space for your activities, is there? Whether you are a wine store, or a merchant, a bar, pub or restaurant owner, space utilization is a priority: saving space means saving money.

• Visibility: here too, a picture is worth a thousand words. Wouldn't you rather stand out wherever your products are on display? What a difference to see a Cromobox emerge amidst so many anonymous wooden boxes! Don't you agree?

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