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TSTP - Timorasso Sparkling Tasting Panel

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TSTP - Timorasso Sparkling Tasting Panel
During the vinification of Brezza d’Estate (Summer Breeze) Timorasso, and while repeatedly tasting it at its different stages of maturation, I began wondering whether (or not) a sparkling version of the wine could become interesting. So, as usual, I let myself be carried away by the temptation to try something new and, after two years of work, Chiaror sul Masso (Light on the Boulder) was born.

Today I am honored to bring this creation to your attention, with the humility of someone who simply followed his intuition, throwing himself into it with abandon and navigating blindly for two years without any certainty. Just following his instinct and senses.

In fact I have made available 50 bottles of Timorasso Sparkling Brut Chiaror sul Masso to anyone curious to try a new wine, born for the first time; I am relying on your opinions, confident that you will come back to me with your comments and hoping that you will be willing to play around with the wine, your recipes, your pairings and your suggestions.

A few tecnical notes:

Chiaror sul Masso is a Sparkling Brut fromTimorasso grapes, 2008 vintage, rating 13% alcohol by volume.

The grapes have been harvested in two stages: the first at the end of August, the second one at the end of September, 2008.
Both harvests underwent cold extraction (pre-fermentation) for approximately 48 hrs in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats.
Fermentation began spontaneously at low temperatures and continued slowly for about 3 weeks.
Standing on thin dregs was maintained until April of 2009, after which time the wine became clarified by sedimentation.
Re-fermentation continued in autoclave (Martinotti method) for about one month, followed by micro-filtration in steel at the end of August 2010.

Chiaror soul Masso was bottled on 8/28/2010 and 3,780 bottles were produced.

A few more points about Timorasso from Colli Tortonesi (Tortona Hills) and my relationship with it:

Timorasso is a rare vine stock, with white berries, cultivated within the Colli Tortonesi wine region by a group of tenacious wine growers.

The consistent improvement in the production of this wine in recent years, allowed Timorasso to be known and appreciated as one of the great wines of Piedmont and, indeed, Italy, by a wider audience.

Recently, since obtaining the DOC status, the ability to understand and develop this vine, have grown to the point where some of the labels have been included in the Pantheon of Italian enology.

These wines, although maintaining the producers' individual character, have a common denominator, represented by a certain "dominant fragrance", a complex composition of flowers, fruits and minerality, at times immediately discernible as "flintstone", then a firm sip, markedly warm and balanced, with still pronounced minerality, acidity, alcohol and extract, with a long, persisting finish.

As a producer from the Colli Tortonesi, I cannot deny that I too have been bewitched by Timorasso. Because of all its available generosity, it makes me dream of being able to create a hit wine with each harvest, one that can evolve with time, even after 20 years. The still Timorasso "Brezza d'Estate" was born in this spirit, out of its elaboration then came the idea of the sparkling Chiaror soul Masso.

How to participate inTSTP “ Timorasso Sparkling Tasting Panel:

• Out of the 50 available bottles 25 are reserved for wine & food bloggers and communications professionals, the others are available to anyone requesting them
• The requests should be mailed to: and will be accepted in chronological order
• Bloggers are required to write a post on their sites, illustrating this initiative and providing the correct links to Percorsi di Vino and the Cascina I Carpini Winery
• Wine & Food bloggers can either write a technical evaluation of the wine or provide an adequate pairing recipe
• We kindly ask the participants without their own blog to post their comments on Percorsi di Vino
• I ask all participants to kindly commit themselves to publish their writings before the end of October.

Any comment, even the negateve ones, will be welcome.

And to thank you…

Those becoming regular readers of Percorsi di Vino or subscribing to Cascina I Carpini newsletter, will be able to take part in the exclusive tasting that I am organizing in Rome at the end of this year. Furthermore they will be entitled to purchasing wine from the entire collection at promotional prices limited to this initiative.

My thanks to all of you and particularly to Andrea Petrini, owner of the blog, for his cooperation in hosting and holding this panel. I invite you to visit the relevant post and read the participation modalities and rules.

Happy Timorasso Sparkling Tasting Panel to all!!

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