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Vinix Maps: where are users from?

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Vinix Maps: where are users from?
Some time ago I tried to give you an overview of the geographical distribution of Vinix users (link to italian article) for each professional category. At that time, I did limit the overview to Italian residents.

After introducing the translation on demand service on Vinix and all the new language features, we have noticed a slow but consistent expansion of users outside of Italy, so we tried to make a new enlarged photograph of the situation, including some of the major countries of the world:

Looking to the new analysis, you will note that many users prefer not to enter the full address on Vinix and that many areas, especially agricultural areas, are still not adequately recognized by Google Maps. However, we can see that Vinix is slowly beginning to become known abroad, starting with the United States.

We're still talking about very small numbers compared to the Italian population but for the purpose of comparison, it could be very useful, once we have a lot of new members from abroad.

Overall, we rely a lot on your help and on word of mouth to make the process faster and faster. If you love Vinix and you have friends or colleagues abroad, please invite them through the "invite a friend" tool that you can find in your personal menu or simply by sending an e-mail and talking to friends about us.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.
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  • Alfredo Sivieri

    Alfredo Sivieri

    ok caro fil vedo che posso fare...attualmente mi trovo in ungheria da 1 settimana..e x altre 5!!!


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