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10 tips to get the most out from Vinix

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10 tips to get the most out from Vinix
Here are 10 tips to get the most out from Vinix:

1) try to keep your profile always up to date and complete; building a relationship is based on trust and is at the basis of trust, lean on transparency

2) open a blog on Vinix now, do not be afraid. Rather, think about introducing yourself in an informal way. In other words: do not copy and paste the company brochure as your first post :)

3) always report all your events, offers, commercial services tied to your job through the classifieds area, not in the blog area; your readers will be grateful.

4) talk about your competitors without any fear if you place your trust in them. Review their wines if you've drunk them or review their restaurants if you've eaten there. Do not be scared of losing business, on the contrary: your credibility and reputation will improve. Try it!

5) tell your everyday life, informally. People love that and like to share problems and solutions. Use photos and Vinix albums to increase your contacts: a pretty picture can communicate more directly than words sometimes

6) try, if you can, to be present in other conversations taking care to be unobtrusive. Speak only when you really have something meaningful to say. If you do not have much time, be sure to answer at least those writing to you in private or in public.

7) talk with other Countries. Use the language tools of Vinix to reach an international audience. Writing only in your language cripples you. While this is more true for italians than for english speaking people, a good italian translation might help you getting in touch with italian wineries, professionals and wine lovers

8) learn tags. They can bring a lot of extra traffic to your contents and to your profile when used properly, but can form also the basis for your possible future business advertising on your own content! Have you ever heard about Vinix Tag Advertising?

9) add people to as friends only after you've established a relationship. A carefully scrutinized contact today, will be a more valuable contact tomorrow

10) (always thinks like you have to give something precious to someone who listens to you when you share thoughts and content on Vinix), when you feel that you have something precious to offer, share your thoughts and content on Vinix, every day is a brick added to your reputation, credibility and success of tomorrow. Share your ideas!

Vinix is not a social network that lets you do the job all by yourself. Be aware that, if you need assistance, you can access the help area: Additionally, with a pro account, a complete, 24/7 dedicated help service is also available.

Thank you for your time.
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