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Vinitaly 2011 - Some Notes

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Vinitaly 2011 - Some Notes
I got back Tuesday evening April 12 from my 5 days at Vinitaly 2011 and what can I was a life changing experience. So much craftsmanship, love, dedication and passion.

I was blown away and STUNNED by all the hard work, sacrifice and beauty of nearly everything that surrounded me. I must admit I spent most of my time in the Trentino and Sicilia pavillions those are the areas my business is focused on. I live in Siclia and but have friends in Trentino - Rovereto Mezzolombardo, Mezzacorona, Cembra, Lorni di Savis and Faedo.

Still I visited, tasted, spoke with producers in the Veneto and Piedmont pavillions.
I had the honor to meet Ellen Kirsch a wine journalist and educator who has some awesome plans in the future for Italian wineres. It was great to see new found friends producers, communications consultants and bloggers. Too many to name please know that you are all in my heart, and until we meet again.

Special note of distinction, I will review her spumantes here and on my blog in the next few days to my good friend and Winery proprietor Lucia Letrari. Stand - beautiful. Wines- stunning, drinkable, beautifully made and elegant. As for Lucia herself? A really amazing person, she worked at her stand right along side her staff, and brother. She was there for her friends, spent time with the public, ran her meetings iwth importers, buyers and press all seamlessly with a smile, grace and ease that didn't show all the hard work. Truly a class act.
So let's see the highlights?

Dinner with the Vinix members/friends/associates at Negrar di Valpolicella Torbe at the Trattoria Caprini - Great to see Filippo, Palema, Maria Grazia Melegari of Soavemente - special thanks to Maria Grazie for giving me a lift to my B&B Thursday April 8th after dinner. This gifted sommelier, with an amazing palate and gentle spirit can be visited at
The unforgettable and now business associate Magda Beverari - beautiful, elegant, a gifted writer and photog to boot. Please visit her website Love her ...seriousely! So thrillred to have met her.

Aperitif commemorating the 150 anniversary of Santa Margherita - a chic, ubercool , elegant cocktail party at Palazzo Gran Guardia on Friday April 9th - thank you Alberto Ugolini for tickets to this and Lucia, Stefania Pepe and her young intern from France had a blast and an interesting evening at dinner later with Stefania her friends from Abruzzo and the guest house owner Dodo - unforgettable.

Dinner on Sunday at il Trocolo with the great Group "Le donne del Vino" amazing amazing night never laughed so much in my life, Thank you Lucia for including me in this and giving me and Peter Jackson rides there, and dropping me off at my car. You were so kind to me at Vinitaly!
Vertical tasting of Letrari winery spumantes on Sunday April 10th guided by Lucia and with Ellen Kirsh and her son Alex Clifford participating.

Vertical tasting of 16 Australian wines  Thank you Ellen Kirsch and Alex Clifford for including me and taking me to this. This was a tasting of boutique lables that never leave the country, rare and hard to find top shelf Australian wines. The event was sponsored by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Melbourne Australia - Winestate magazine. It was   hosted by Peter Jackson of Winestate magazine. Peter had a great sense of humor, very Australian. He did a FANTASTIC job of telling us about the wines that were presented at this tasting, transmitted all the passion and care the australian wine makers put into their wines, told us anecdotes, stories and had us laughing. He also gave out a neat gadget for keeping wine fresh and some Winestate magazines and business cards from the wineries of the wines that were presented. Great job :) It was good to meet Peter and Luca Bottallo the secretary general of this chamber of commerce. The Shirazes were stunning, the Sauvignon Blancs and Semillion blends unusual, but interesting none the less. Stay tuned for a review from that event.
I spent quite a bit of time in Trentino during this visit to VinItaly,dinner with a friend,  in Rovereto  near the MART (the biggest modern art museum in Europe, Europe!) and Monday April 11th and Tuesday April 12th. Went to Casa dei Vini at Lagherina, what a place, another review that is coming up.
Lunch with another friend at casa del vino managed by the talented Mr. Luca Bini.  Casa del Vino della Vallagarina  is a  truly extraordinary restaurant, enoteca, specialty foods emporium and boutique hotel, Mr Bini gave us a tour and the food was amazing!. The more I visit Trentino the more I fall in love with it, a special post on Casa del Vino coming up.
So this is it for now, I will be writing up a storm this weekend. Stay tuned and nos vemos!
Dea xo
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    Magda Beverari

    t'es génial toi... je me suis amusée bcp avec toi... je vais twitter ton post maintenant! see you soon! سلام عليكم

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