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Terroirvino: Nibio, Ovada and Albarossa

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Terroirvino: Nibio, Ovada and Albarossa
Once again, the time for TerroirVino is fast approaching.

Images are beginning to take shape in our mind of a great day spent with wine lovers and customers, tasting and delving into the various aspects of our wines and of those of our colleagues.

Personally there is an aspect of tastings that I always find difficult to face: preparing for the specific wines that will be drunk. A thousand words would barely be adequate, but here I will try to give a few hints, focusing on the three wines that will be available at our Stand (no. 66), so that you may get to know more about them before tasting them.

Let's begin with "Ventipassi", the name that will take us to Nibio; this is an old vine, which we are still studying in order to better understand its nature, behavior and relationship to other vines. While it appears to be a cousin of the better known Dolcetto, our experience showed that the wine that emerges after the vinification process is different, less angular and more elegant. So far we have processed two harvests, noticing an earlier maturation than Dolcetto.

In Genoa we will have the 2009, our first vintage. You shall experience yourselves the balance of this wine of truly great drinkability and alcohol at 15%.

The second wine is "Ottotori", an Ovada DOCG: the name identifying the territory of production. The 2008 vintage of this dolcetto was already tasted by many people and Veronelli rated it at 90/100, also listing it among the 500 best wines in Italy NorthWest.

Agronomically, the 2009 vintage was an even better year; it will be interesting to hear your opinion of it.

The third wine is "Altaguardia", a pure form of Albarossa. Here the operating word is novelty. Although everyone who tasted it praised it, we are curious to hear everyone's thoughts about a wine that still does not possess its very own brand identity. The very first producers (big and famous) who experimentally added this vine to their line, followed their own paths. In Piedmont this grape is normally processed focusing either on its structure or on its freshness.

For sure there will be a lot to talk about, after you have tasted it.

There are two other wines: Altofhra and Capovia, but I do not wish to risk boring you now. We will talk about them face to face.

See you in Genoa on June 13, stand no. 66.

Ciao Tomaso

P.S. Last but not least: our team is growing and we will all be there to introduce ourselves.
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