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Vinix opens to brewery world

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Vinix opens to brewery world
Last but not least, we finally realized the growing importance that, nowadays, the world of breweries (especially micro-breweries), both nationally and internationally, has acquired. I thought we - I mean we, the wine lovers - couldn't wait anymore: we had to extend (both!) our hands to the brewery world in a big embrace. After all, there are many points in common between these two (apparently) separate worlds: the extreme fragmentation of production, the inevitable debates on yeasts, integrity, etc. in wine, surely find a specular argument in the beer world as well. The development of a dedicated space for beer and beers was in the works for a long time but, due to various reasons - there was always something more urgent to do before - we were able to complete and release it only in the last few days. Let's see what's new.

New professional category during sign up

To start in a good way, the first thing we had to do was making it possible for beer professionals to participate on Vinix enrolling in a specific category. Thus we just introduced a new professional category: Breweries / Pubs, in which brewers (any size), pubs or other places specifically involved in tapping quality beers can subscribe. Now you got it.

New beers area

Of course, the goal of this development has been to create a brand new beer area where everyone has the chance to review their own preferred beers (tap or bottled). As it goes for the wine tasting notes, the first rule is that comments are subject to moderation and the second is that, if you are a producer, you cannot review your own beers . Now we will strive to involve as many beer fans as possibile to enrich the new section. I am sure that soon we will have new contributions (hopefully in the blog too), that will help us to appreciate and learn more about beer and beers. Perhaps many of you here taste beer on a regular basis and would like to review some.

A special thanks goes to my friend Davide Cocco for his support with the logic-construction of adding the beer tab and with the translation of technical terms.

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