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Vinix Timeline Upgrade

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Vinix Timeline Upgrade
We're so excited!
The new Vinix Timeline has been just released and is up and running.
Let's see what is new.

The new Timeline

In the new timeline you can now see the last 12 subcriptions (and selectively add these as contacts if you find someone deserving your attention) and a brand new updates column where you can find an extra generic timeline with all the new recent contents published on Vinix. Ad in the main column, you can see details and add contact simply going with your mouse over the name of any contact.

New sharing tool and twitter integration

Now you find a new useful tool on your timeline.
When you have some new content update, you will find a new link at the bottom of it called "share". By clicking on the share link (you find a specific Vinix sharing button at the bottom of any detailed content in Vinix now), You'll share a specific content on all your friends' Timeline. In this way, each new user with no friends at all or just a few, can get immediately some good suggestions from others on good content on Vinix. Moreover, by clicking on "share", a big popup will open showing you a resume of the shared content, giving you the opportunity to share it on Twitter too.

Hope you will enjoy these new features.

Cheers, Fil.
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