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Trentino and France in Sicily

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Trentino and France in Sicily
So another holiday season is upon us. I had surgery on December 9th, a complete reconstruciton of my ACL in my left knee and partial meniscus reconstruction.
Needless to say I won't be cooking much. simple and easy things that don't require much walking or standing.  I started physical therapy this week, I am doing well but I tire easily.

This year I wanted Christmas to be really special as it will probably be my last in Italy for a while. I am moving back to Texas in April. So far I have been going back and forth. One of my sisters lives in Texas and I stay at her place when I go. The time has come to change. The economy, social restrictions and a (percieved) lack of amenties in Italy is what has influenced me to move back to the US.

We planned the menu carefully for our Christmas dinner. Careful shopping = easy cooking. Tonight we are having as a appetizer raw shrimp marinated in lemon, olive oil and salt, a simple (easy) cedar plank roasted Salmon fillet, rubbed with a Moroccan Chermoula and a bitter greens salad and roasted winter root vegetables.

We will pair the shirmp with Pojer e Sandri Brut Rosè Dolomiti and the salmon we'll serve with a Letrari Brut Riserva -2007 harvest i think it will work well with this simple but elegant dinner. There will be 6 of us, we invited 2 single friends and a good friend of mine and one of my husband's single cousins. Let's hope sparks fly.

For Christmas tomorrow there will be 8 of us (not counting the kids)  and it's my birthday - I turn 28 hahaha not!  Anyway we will start with oysters from Mazara del Vallo (delivered to us today by a fisherman friend- one of the perks I'll miss of living here! ) and then have mille foglie al ragu - bought from the best bar and laboratorio di cucina in Marsala and they take their food seriousely here - Bar Oasi . - , for me a cheese plate. Then a Turkey roll, or rollè as they say here. I will have a slice of nutloaf which is "uncooking" in the dehydrator now.

For the oysters a Tarlant Zero Dosage, then  for the pasta and the turkey entreès we'll open a very special Tarlant Vigne D'Or 2002 harvest a 100% Pinot Meunier champagne and for dessert  Letrari's majestic Riserva Del Fondatore 976 
We will be having hand crafted Panettones from Exquisita  a chocolate, panettone and cake laboratorio in Rovereto Trentino and a special ordered birthday cake from Bar Oasi of course, the cake is simply 2  pan di spagna discs, layered with  crema chantilly (pastry cream lightened w/whipped cream)  and wild strawberries, and frosted with whipped cream panna and covered in white chocoate shavings, scaglie di cioccolato bianco for this birthday girl's celebration.

We eat fairly austerely all year round, mostly greens, beans, nuts, seeds and sprouts, we drink plenty of home made green juices, more salads, fruit smoothies and the like, Christmas is the one time we kind of let go and drink, eat and be merry :)

Why so much wine from France and Trentino? you might ask to a lady living deep in the heart of an important wine region? Well because I can't walk much. The millefoglie will be bought, the salmon is easy, the shrimp too and to be quite frank these producers some of whom  sold me the wine whilst others comped it but none the less they were all e-commerce equipped and ready, willing and able to handle my online orders and calls. That is why we are having Christmas in Sicily but also in France and Trentino this year.
Happy Holidays (Festivus, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and others)
Dea in Marsala

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  • Alessandro Zingoni

    Alessandro Zingoni

    Grazie. Happy Holidays to you too and Happy Birthday!



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  • Marilena Barbera - Cantine Barbera

    Marilena Barbera - Cantine Barbera

    Ciao Dea!
    I hope to see you at the winery before your leaving to Texas!

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  • Deika Elmi-Abdulle

    Deika Elmi-Abdulle

    Hi Marliena I move back home to Austin in April after Vinitaly, as soon as my doc gives me the ok to drive we'd love to come out and taste your wines, take some pictures for my blog and treat you to lunch somewhere in town my husband and I so I haven't forgotten. See you in Menfi in January and at Vinitaly, Sicilian producers have a special place in my heart and I now want to taste your albamarina - did I get it right...your PASSITO!!! Altro che vendemmia tardiva...grrrr I read yr post. Buone feste xoxo D.

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