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Half-Liter: The Bottle.

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Half-Liter: The Bottle.
Slowly but surely, there is an awakening of interest in this size.

Our ½ liter is of course a bottle scrupulously packaged and corked, just like the traditional 0.75 liter one.

I am not really sure of the reason for this size gaining favor (rather than the 1liter), although the 0.75 l. size remains the most common in the distribution chain.

Our experience in this matter is still limited, but we can understand the undeniable advantages for some areas of the marketplace.

Let's analyze them together:

- From the consumer perspective: people are drinking less, the family size is shrinking and we often hear that the ½ liter size is ideal for two people (no left-overs and more adequate than the 0.375 l. size from a price standpoint). Where more people are sitting at a table, it allows them to change wines, pairing them with each course and without drinking excessively. This is valid at home as well as in a restaurant. The difference between this and wines being sold by the glass, is that, because the bottles are closed, the host or the establishment can offer a variety of choice at least equal to that of the traditional size bottle, in contrast to the (usually) limited number of “loose” wines available.

- From the restaurant perspective: customers drive the demand; while wine consumption has gone down, the curiosity to taste and experiment has not; therefore being able to offer a variety of personalized choices at competitive prices is more important than ever. Here too the ½ liter size helps, while, at the same time reducing the need for large inventories. For example: we handle both sizes the same way, making it possible to ship as few as 30 bottles, in six-packs assorted to your liking. We have actually noticed that some establishments' prefer this option for wines sold “by the glass”, enabling them to rotate open bottles much faster.

- For the wine bar or retailer: it might seem insane, but it is not. It is actually in establishments like these, where one can find anything from everyday wine to select ones, that the ½ liter allows patrons to taste and experiment at more affordable and competitive prices than the 0.75 size (particularly in the case of vintages). Of course the price difference should aim at encouraging the purchase. Furthermore, where wine is sold “loose”, a properly marked-up ½ liter bottle , can be advantageous for both customer and seller, helping to keep eating out more affordable and enjoyable, while improving the establishment's overall sales.

We strongly believe in this trend, we experiment with it every day and we would like to discuss the possibilities with you. Many restaurateurs, skeptical at the beginning, have been now shifted their preferences in this direction.

Incidentally, if you wish to try a ½ liter bottle of Forti del Vento, look for a seller or distributor near you; when talking about wine, any conversation starts better with a tasting.

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