Let's talk about us and what we love to do

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Let's talk about us and what we love to do
Hi, we are Cristiana and Riccardo, wine producers fom Veneto.   
We know Vinix very well, we often read especially the interesting post and ads placed, so far we have not published much. We are looking for interesting contacts and new friends, so we have decided to talk about us and what we love to do.    
Our vineyards are located in one of the most suited wine areas of Italy, on the hills of Soave (VR) and Gambellara (VI), where NATIVE GARGANEGA grapes found a perfect symbiosis with the places and where you can get one of the most austere, complex and long-lived white wines of the country. Here, we cultivate all our love for wine through a small winery, highly focused on quality. The vineyards have up to forty years and are located on a land of volcanic origin, 300 metres above sea level, with constant air currents ensuring optimal and slow ripening.

Underlying everything there is a continuous quest for quality, starting from the vineyard, where we are always committed in the first person, from the stages of winter pruning to harvesting. The plant management is constantly seeking to obtain very low yields, well below limits allowed by official production regulation, in order to obtain an extremely targeted harvest, on at least three passages in the vineyard, in order to emphasize the potential of the individual parcels. Then, in the cellar, we move to a further selection of grapes and to very split vinifications, made to obtain the best in every tank. Finally, a proper aging in bottle, which is essential to obtain wines of remarkable longevity, but at the same time very good right away.

We currently produce three different labels, made from 100% native grape Garganega:
  • a Dry White Wine Old Vines (from the best parcels) CENERI DELLE TAIBANE DOC GAMBELLARA CLASSICO DOC        

We are still little known and very young in this business, we are working to let us know. For this reason, we are also looking for Partners in Italy (agents and/or distributors) and abroad (importers) to help us in promoting and marketing our products.
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  • Filippo Ronco

    Filippo Ronco

    A me pare che siate partiti proprio nel migliore dei modi. I vini sono molto buoni, la comunicazione istituzionale è fine ed elegante, la presenza sui social discreta e misurata ma crescente e di maggior sicurezza. Avanti così. Complimenti in particolare per la scelta di pubblicare sempre in doppia lingua. Proprio ieri abbiamo fixato un altro bugghino che darà particolari vantaggi di visibilità (via feed e widget) a tutti coloro che pubblicano in due lingue.

    Ciao, Fil.

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  • Meggiolaro Vini

    Meggiolaro Vini

    Grazie Filippo........

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