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Profile of a Young Sicilian winemaker - Antonio Barraco

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Profile of a Young Sicilian winemaker - Antonio Barraco
Antonio Barraco one of only of 2 natural wine producers in the Marsala western Sicily area.
(The other is Renato De Bartoli of Marco De Bartoli winery. )

I met Antonio at Ristorante Coria at a natural wine dinner where he and Ms. Arianna Occhipinti were the featured guests. Their wines were served along with brillantly cooked food by 2 young Sicilian chefs. This dinner took place on Friday February 3rd 2012 in the beautiful baroque town of Caltagirone Sicily.

Antonio makes beautiful, pure, clean wines that capture this terroir as no one else does. I love his Catarratto and his Zibibbo. Macereated for a long time on the grape skins these are punchy muscular whites. The aromatics are big, waxy citrus, white flowers, grapefruit peel, almonds, marzipan, cakebatter, brioche, mineral notes and briny, iodiney tang.

I will be reviewing the 2 whites I've tried his Catarratto and Zibibbo.
When you taste them you can almost catch the essence of Marsala that constant moisture laden seabreeze. Bracing, briny and cleansing. A whiff and taste of this wine and in it this bright young winemaker manages to capture all the sunshine, wind and ripe fruit that is near constant here.

They have been making wine for 3000 years, here. Many have lost their way but young Mr. Barraco would make his ancestors proud. Bravo! :) 
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  • Alessandro Zingoni

    Alessandro Zingoni

    Bravi tutti!


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  • Azienda Mariotti - I Vini delle Sabbie

    Azienda Mariotti - I Vini delle Sabbie

    I think Nino is the strength of tradition, the pride of "integral wines".
    See you


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  • Deika Elmi-Abdulle

    Deika Elmi-Abdulle

    Hi Mirco,

    so glad you know Nino and his wine, tanto amore tanto orgoglio e anche se non sono Marsalese, vivo qui a Marsala e sono sposata con un Marsalese e il suo territorio. I vini, la frutta, il sole, la salsedine... wow!
    Ora che parto e lascio questo posto... I am appreciating all that's good about it and can tell you I will miss everything! Even the difficult things, which are present.

    Thank you for your kind comment,
    Have a nice weekend (buon fine settimane)
    Dea - Marsala western Sicily provincia di Trapani Friday March 2, 2012

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