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The End of the World... a new beginning

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The End of the World... a new beginning
"La fine del Mondo" (The End of the World) is a wine for which appropriate words are hard to find; it transcends beyond the grapes, beyond the man, beyond the wine itself, exceeding my own expectations as a wine maker; over and over again, it moves me and amazes me in the deepest recesses of my soul.

It is such a joy to pour it for my friends, and share all my emotions with them, that I shall relinquish the pleasure of describing it, or talking about it, to anyone willing to do it... because of my emotional involvement, I only want to tell you how this wine came to be and what it represents for me.

It was the 2007 harvest, a very significant year on the Tortona Hills, a year when even the oldest vines produced incredibly vigorous clusters of grapes; it was then, while admiring such perfection, that I had the idea of keeping a separate selection, including only the fruit born of the oldest vines (some dating back to 1926), while trying to handle them with “special care.”

The rhythm of events referenced to phases of moon is common in nature and for humans, but this time something was different: we realized that accidentally we had been following the Mayan calender, which is also based on the moon's phases, and we decided to continue doing so.

This gave me the idea of attempting to make a “Maya inspired” wine, bypassing technology whenever possible; for this reason we separated the berries from the twigs manually, squeezed them in a manual press, allowed fermentation to occur spontaneously; each stage, from separation, to decanting, to bottling, was carried out employing buckets or gravity, but without the use of machinery.

The wine thus obtained, without any filtration or additives, rested for a few years in oak barrels and, yet in our caves today, is being aged in magnum or double magnum bottles, sealed with natural cork and sealing wax.

Perhaps coincidentally, it is said that Wines from Barbera grapes can be expected to reach the apex of their evolution curve on their fifth year. It would seem then that “La fine del Mondo” will keep its appointment with the Mayans just fine: in the Winter of 2012 and at the peak of its form!

Aside from more or less credible conjectures, omens and prophecies, “La Fine del Mondo” remains an “experimental” wine, obtained by methods that today can be easily defined unusual; in comparison with similar wines of the same vintage, it offers noticeable differences that I shall leave to posterity to evaluate and discuss.

For me it is enough to have the satisfaction of having produced a wine that bewilders me every time and to have gained, from this experiment, a further awareness that wine, like very few other things in nature, offers us an opportunity to see also the transcendental aspects of things and to make understandable their effects on our senses and our intellect.

This is the reason why, for me, “La Fine del Mondo” 
represents not an end, but a new, exciting beginning.

Ciao, Paolo 
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  • Magda Beverari

    Magda Beverari

    Bravo Paolo, spero di riuscire ad acquistarne una bottiglia, nel frattempo ti dico già che "kiffo" offero "lovvo" l'etichetta >^..^<

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  • Paolo Carlo Ghislandi - Cascina i Carpini

    Ciao Magda, come tutte le cose, anche l'etichetta non è per caso.. è un montaggio fra la due riprese fotografiche del telescopio spaziale Hubble raffiguranti il centro della galassia nella via lattea e la costellazione "occhio di Dio" .. e una terza... il calendario lunare Maya...

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  • Andrea Petrini @ Percorsi di Vino wine blog

    Sto vino lo sento un pò mio :)

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  • Paolo Carlo Ghislandi - Cascina i Carpini

    @ Melina.. lo sai che lo devi assaggiare, vero ? :-)

    @Andrea, E ci credo! ricordo ancora le tue parole dopo l'assaggio da vasca e direi che il vino ha mantenuto la promessa !

    Ciao, Paolo

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  • Essepi Wine Services

    Essepi Wine Services

    Non vedo l'ora di assaggiarlo!!! Ci sei alla cena di Vinix al Vinitaly? oppure passo da te al Vinitaly e me lo fai assaggiare. Immagino che sia buonissimo conoscendo i tuoi vini. In tanto ti faccio i miei complimenti.

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  • Paolo Carlo Ghislandi - Cascina i Carpini

    @Sandra, ma certo che ci sarò ! Sia al Vinitaly dove ti aspetto che alla cena dove ti rivedo con grande piacere!

    @Pierpaolo, è certamente un vino diverso sotto ogni profilo.. personalmente io vorrei che tutti, ma proprio tutti lo potessero almeno assaggiare e mi adopererò in tale senso nel limite delle modestissime quantità a mia disposizione. Non ne sono rimaste molte bottiglie e vedo che le prenotazioni giungono costantemente... Certamente non ha un prezzo popolare, ma se vogliamo vedere il valore che ha io lo pagherei anche molto di più pur di averlo.. :-))
    Ne ho fatte solo 100 magnum e 30 doppie...
    Ciao, Paolo

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  • Robin Brewster

    Robin Brewster

    Difficult to describe this wine, simply because it is unlike anything I have ever tasted before. Basically, words are not enough. As Paolo suggests, the only way to know this wine is to take a sip. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunity to share some of what is clearly a unique wine. Thank you again Paolo. Cin-cin! Robin and Amber.

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