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New Vinix search module

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New Vinix search module
We're happy to announce that we've just released the new enhanched search engine for Vinix. Let's see what is new and all the optimizations and integrations we've done to the previous search engine module.
  • first of all, we've a faster search engine now even for those heavy queries you're so good to invent at any time ;)
  • an easier search module, where the advanced search has been integrated in an unique enhanched and more sensitive search engine module
  • new layout for pro accounts, now you have a "pro" badge merged on your avatar in search results, yo, you rock!
  • smart search engine that always try to serve you the best results based on your query
  • new beer and maps filters to browse results for your queries for beers and using maps too
  • smart filtering system: if you search your name and you filter the results for wines, you'll first get all your wine reviews (the same for beer and restaurant reviews)
  • new "search by tag" ckeckbox for a more accurate search through content by tags
  • new (more accurate) category based search from the footer

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