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There used to be a series, for those who remember, that began with the legendary phrase "Captain's log, star date" and from there the narration of a story that every time was characterized with something interesting (at least for me) within a series (Star Trek!) that I watched with quiet curiosity.

Sometimes when I'm in the vineyards I would like to record my thought, what my eyes see and start the narration with something like that phrase, but I never find the right words ...Better if I go straight to the point....

Each season is different, as every vintage.

So, as once told us our friend David Ferrarese – Agronomist- if , from time to time, you write some notes you slowly build a memory for every vintage, just to recall them when you drink the wine of that vintage.

Few words to describe the beginning of 2013: here in Piemonte little or no snow, exceptionally high temperatures, rainfall below average.

These the main technical aspects. So far.

Fabulous sunsets, morning mists and when the horizon is clear, visions really idyllic.

The 2013 begins!


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