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Asolo Prosecco, when the regulations matter

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Asolo Prosecco, when the regulations matter
The first thing that you can't miss when you taste for the very first time an Asolo Prosecco DOP is undoubtely his consistency. The mouth is pleasantly filled with a nice sensation, but this has for sure a reason.
The regulations for the production of this wine are in fact rather strict: the minimum alcohol is in fact 11%, the dry extract for the wine is 16 grams per liter, the maximum yield per hectare is 12 tons.
The grape, Glera, is the same as it is used to produce the others Prosecco that you can find all over the world.
These rules are so strict mainly for one reason: behind them all the producers must have a strong commitment to excellence.
But this is just the first surprise we have: just follow me...
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