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Everything passes, everything wearies, everything breaks and everything replaced

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I think I have been working hard through out my life, and now I have decided to resize a lot of my activities to take some time to myself and the people I love. As from 31st of December the production of Choco&Wine has stopped, the personal satisfactions this product has given me are uncountable, and I have to thank Franco Rizzati and all those who believed in its success. The production of Choco&Wine will be still under my supervision, exclusive for Ca'Lustra, Fattoria di Petroio, Barbara Avellino e Cantina Valpolicella Negrar. Even sparkling Prosecco d.o.c. brut "ZECCHINO" e "CARLINO ROSA" will no longer be in the market; the spumantizzatore Filiberto Sacchetto will now produce small quantities to meet my needs and the ones of some friends who have been loyal to its quality. Right now I am working on an important project, a private label but I will let you know in due course. The site is still on and it will be updated more frequently. my best regards.
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