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VINE Vs LAND - Europe wants to liberalize the name of wines!!!!

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VINE Vs LAND - Europe wants to liberalize the name of wines!!!!
According to some rumors, the European Parliament, it's thinking about a change of existing Regulation on wine, which would exceed the names of local origin of products, focusing on the type of grape. Ok, BUT ARE WE SERIOUS ????? An operation of this kind could erase years of promotion of our agricultural products, that have emerged in the world for their high quality, but above all, for the CLOSE CONNECTION WITH THE LAND! Imagine a Barolo, Barbaresco or a Roero produced in Lithuania. It would be a resounding FALSE that would lead to the destruction of the relationship based on the connection between product and territory, but also a lot of confusion among consumers. All this could be the TOMB OF MADE IN ITALY. Not to mention the profound inconsistency with all policies that Europe has always maintained with the DOP and IGP, just to certify the territorial origin of agricultural products. Now, these are just rumors and, if never confirmed, will still have to pass before being considered by the Agriculture Committee. Let's hope, that, if there will be any vote, the Italian front will be compact, to avoid what has recently happened with the oil, allowing Tunisian oil to invade the European market. . .
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  • Filippo Ronco

    Filippo Ronco

    La proposta di liberalizzazione riguarda l'uso dei vitigni, non delle denominazioni. Quindi eventualmente, non sarebbe possibile produrre Barolo in Lituania ma Nebbiolo si. C'è un post interessante e ben articolato dell'amico Rolando Mucciarelli di oggi sul tema:

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  • Rolando Mucciarelli

    Rolando Mucciarelli

    Grazie Filippo, esatto, si parla di liberalizzare i nomi dei vitigni. Inoltre non è una proposta, ma una petizione di un cittadino che è stata accantonata già lo scorso anno. Ma credo che, se fosse esaminata sul serio, potrebbe essere una buona occasione per rivedere il senso delle Denominazioni in Italia

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