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10 REASONS to stop the Free Wine Tastings in the winery

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10 REASONS to stop the Free Wine Tastings in the winery
Spring and summer season are coming , the tourist season , and many wineries will resume the usual ( and fool ! ) practice of free tastings in the winery . Here are 10 Reasons for which WINE TASTING MUST BE PAID :


2) The Wine Tasting could be a PROFIT for the winery

3) Because what it's FREE, generally, RELY A LITTLE. If you offer free Wine Tasting, unless you have a dispenser that preserve the wine longer or a stream of visitors which allows you to open a bottle of wine of each type per day (at what cost, though!), You might be tempted to keep for several days the bottles that remain open. This could be the most unfortunate choice you can make in your tasting room. The purpose of the tasting is to make sample the wine to the consumer to facilitate the purchase. If the wine in question is oxidized, or are serving an altered product and shoddy, what kind of advertising you are doing? Better then to charge the tasting, so the cost of the bottle is partially (or fully) covered by the tasting price, and you can uncork a new bottle with a light heart.

4) Because what is FREE is PERCEIVED as something that has LITTLE QUALITY. In theory it's said that the price represents the perception of monetary value. If the tasting is free, so the price is equal to ZERO, guess' what will the perceived value?

5) Beacuse if the Wine Tasting is FREE, you cannot use this strategy for a PROMOTIONAL OFFER

6) Because it can be a LEVER to ENCOURAGE THE PURCHASE. One of the best ways to use the price of the Wine tasting as a promotional tool is actually the one to turn it into a lever to stimulate the purchase. This happens when we inform the customer that the price of the tasting is deleted if you choose to purchase a certain amount of wine.

7) "COMPETITORS DO IT THIS WAY'" is NOT a good reason. We must differentiate ourselves from the competitors offering a superior quality service.

8) "WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE LIKE THIS '" is NOT a good reason. To have always done things in a certain way not only does not ensure that it is the best way to tackle a given problem, but it is also certain that it is not able to evaluate alternatives on the basis of objective data.

9) Sometimes, the only risk it's to MISS TIME. Even if your wine is amazing, there will be Always someone who, for one reason or another ,at the end of the wine tasting, will have decided not to buy it.

10) TARGET MISTAKE !!!! If your target audience is people who drink for free, you can close up shop and change jobs. Do it before it's too late! Moreover, WINE IS MADE THANKS TO HARD WORK, AND WORK OF WINE PRODUCERS , DESERVES RESPECT !!!
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  • Rolando Mucciarelli

    Rolando Mucciarelli

    Non è completamente sbagliato, come ragionamento. Direi però che la degustazione andrebbe fatta seguire anche da una corretta azione di marketing, ad esempio chiedendo agli ospiti, paganti o meno, di lasciare banalmente la propria email, o accordandosi con un ristoratore, che abbia in carta il vino degustato, per uno sconto per il pranzo delle comitive che vengono in cantina. Bisogna imparare a tenere traccia di quante degustazioni si fanno e quante bottiglie si vendono, così da misurare la revenue. Insomma, fare una degustazione in cantina è marketing, come mettere pubblicità in un giornale o su un blog, e deve seguire quelle stesse regole e modalità di condotta.

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  • Poggio delle Civette Azienda Agricola

    Poggio delle Civette Azienda Agricola

    In teoria avrei poco da obiettare . In pratica con i miei vini non ho mai fatto una degustazione (gratuita) alla quale non abbia fatto seguito immediatamente l'acquisto di uno o più cartoni di vino. L'unica volta che ho fatto pagare la degustazione ( mal me ne incolse! ) , non ho venduto neppure una bottiglia! Deducete voi......

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