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The wine helps sexual activity!

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The wine helps sexual activity!
Everybody knows the beneficial effects of wine on health and often we talk about the relationship between wine and sex, but what is the truth? The wine is really good for sex? A book "Wine and Eros", published by Giunti Demetra, admirably describes a study conducted in Tuscany on a sample of about 1,000 women. The investigation has concluded that, when taken in moderate doses, the wine increases sexual desire. The sexual sphere would be influenced by polyphenols in wine. These, combined with the low amount of alcohol (never more than 20%), act on the nervous centers, helping to relax and uninhibited women, providing additional lubrication on genitalia, and orgasm pleasure. The study involved only women, but also the effects on men are positive. The wine in fact can be considered a natural viagra, as a vasodilator, it increases the blood flow in the various districts, including those "important." As usual you must be careful with doses, because you can have positive effects only drinking wine in moderate doses, beyond which you can have opposite effects on the health and well under the sheets . . . especially for men. Moreover, It should be made a further clarification: the polyphenols are contained in wine, but with an amount of 10 times higher in red wine than white, consequently, if you want to obtain a great performance in your bedroom, drink the red wine. So, dear wine lovers, if during a dinner, somebody offers you a bottle of a good red wine, watch out because the evening might become very hot and nasty . . .
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  • Filippo Ronco

    Filippo Ronco

    Ormai ci sono studi sull'azione dei polifenoli anche sul loro impatto sulla legge di gravitazione universale e sulle maree.

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