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Bajaj's origins

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Bajaj's origins
Today, I wanna tell you a few words about the origins of our winery. First, you should know that the "MORETTI" family is present in the Roero territory since the beginning of 1600, according to the records of the Land Registry of Monteu Roero (CN). At the beginning, it was a single large farm that, due to misunderstanding and family vicissitudes, has been fragmented. Currently we are 3 wineries in our village having the name "MORETTI". My grandmother told me that, once upon a time, the whole family was reunited in a fraction of the village called "Occhetti".

Due to continuous quarrels, however, the climate became unbearable, and my grandmother DARIA with my grandfather MATTEO, decided to leave that place to go to the farm "Bajaj", my grandmother's family. They were in the 4 and a half leaving: my grandfather, my grandmother, my dad GIOVANNI, my aunt GIOVANNA and my uncle ELIO unborn child, who still stood in the womb. Helped by their faithful donkey, they left the "Occhetti" fraction without any possessions, going to the center of Monteu Roero, where my grandmother's family was.

Here, waiting for them, there was my great-grandfather LEONE and great-uncle BARTOLOMEO. Unfortunately, the great-grandmother was gone, passed away due to health reasons while working in the fields, when my grandmother was only 16 years old. It’s from here that the "BAJAJ"’s history begins. Farm that has evolved over the years : at the beginning we cultivated wheat and we possessed a stable with cows, and other animals such as chickens and rabbits. Later, we have begun the cultivation of many different varieties of fruit and vegetables and the wine production. A new "spark" to this agricultural reality, was given when, at the helm, was placed my father GIOVANNI who, with the help of the tireless brother ELIO, have made our farm what it is today: 20 hectares, about 4 of vineyards from which we get the famous wines of the Roero territory; diversified cultivation of many varieties of fruit and vegetables and typical products obtained from the fruits of the soil.

One last thing to conclude: mysterious are the origins of the family "BAJAJ" ( "stranom", a nickname deriving from Piedmontese Baje: yawning, snoozing). In fact, the name of the great-grandfather LEONE is "LENORIS", not very widespread in these areas. Additionally, both my great-grandfather and my grandmother, were war orphans, arrived from nowhere to settle in Monteu Roero. For this reason, the origins of our family, still remain shrouded in mystery
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