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Women and Wine

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Women and Wine
The relationship between women and wine is totally changed through the history, it has practically turned upside down . . . in fact, in the past, it didn’t exist and could not exist any relationship between a woman and a glass of good wine. In the Roman Empire in fact the women abstained from wine and could not even taste it. Marco Catone declares that women surprised drinking wine , will be judged and punished by the court; the offense was comparable to infamy and adultery. Today the time in which the topic "wine" is absolute and exclusive male sector of the universe it’s over. Indeed, women are increasingly the protagonists of this sector: they are simply passionate or even enologhe, producers, sellers or sommelier. And also in this "field" women have proved to be more adept and capable of the opposite sex. A survey of 1995 showed that the female sense of smell and taste are much more sensitive than those of men, and a woman can find, in a glass of good wine, at least 2 or 3 smells and tastes more tham a man. For years, many studies and research have shown that women have more ability to taste the wine, compared to man. Another demonstration is given by the National Association of Women of Wine, founded in 1988 and today consists of about 650 members, representing all categories of the wine industry, from vineyard to cellar, from the table to the communication. They, throughout Italy, with their activities, promote the culture of wine. This association is recognized as one of the most interesting expressions of entrepreneurship of Italy, a unique phenomenon in the world. Therefore, even in this area, the woman was able to take their revenge and get great results!
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  • Lorenzo Conci

    Lorenzo Conci

    Presso gli etruschi, le donne godevano di pari diritti degli uomini,(i greci li deridevano per questo) e anche loro partecipavano alle libagioni...poi, ahimè, sono arrivati i romani.
    Oggi le donne, in campo vitivinicolo, sono tante e molto, molto spesso molto brave.

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