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Good natural wines, a possible bet

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Good natural wines, a possible bet
On a recent visit as a visitor to the "LIVE WINE" in Milan, an event dedicated to natural wines. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have always been skeptical about these "trends" , in my opinion, they are simply commercial strategies, disguised as a kind of respect for nature. And, ironically, these salons of natural wines, I visit them all! Because I want to understand, I want to learn, because (maybe) this is the right path. In Milan I've talked with many wine producers about natural wines and each of them has left me something. Of course, the producton of wines that can be called natural, It's a long way. As suggested by MARCO COLICCHIO, a young producer of Lazio, with just one hectare of land planted with vines, you have to EXPERIENCE, you have to work very well in the vineyard and it takes a lot of passion and patience. I've tasted really sensational wines : even these wine producers have changed their way of working, giving up a way of producing wines that gave birth to "smelly" and defective wines. The most emblematic confrontation has been with a nice big man named DAMIJAN PODVERSIC, with whom, discussing about natural producers who want to pass the defects of their wines as a guarantee of naturalness, told me this: "Go visit one of these wine producer and prepare for him some pasta boiled for two hours. He will tell you that it is hot and therefore it is not good. Then you tell him that is equal to its wine! Wine is a pleasure, poetry and not just technique. in fact, I told my son to do the grammar school and not the agricultural college! " I confronted with so many realities different from mine, and with such good products. I'm really thinking of converting the wine production of my winery to "natural." Even if, now, we focus on the naturalness of our products (see low sulfur content, minimum use of chemical treatments and nil in the cellar, and pesticides that are eliminated by the plants) but I'd go further. It will be a long process but, step by step, I'll get the finish line. . .
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