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Timeline minipost, what they are and how they work

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Timeline minipost, what they are and how they work
Here we are with a brand new Vinix feature, minipost.

Miniposts are something very similar to facebook status. We've decided to introduce this kind of quick and easy publishing post to put a little more distance between the normal social activity and the blog area where we try to put the best, more selected and meditated content, every day.

Miniposts goes only on Timeline (your logged homepage), they are something lighter than a real post and it is very easy and quick to publish one, just write and push "post" from your status box from the timeline. How they'll evolve in the future we can't say but we think this was a needed step before the so long waited app distribution that we hope to present you before the summer.

To be allowed for publication a minipost have to be at least 9 chars long (better some lines) and you can just write text, no images or video at the moment. When you press on the "post" button, all your friends instantly see your minipost in their timeline showing up, at the moment you can't schedule minipost publication.

As other objects in Vinix Timeline, you can share miniposts with your friends and followers just pressing the "share" button and you can link a or to a minipost using the permalink on the pub date. Friends of your friends will see your minipost if some of your friend share them. Push notifications on the clock icon, will work only for comments to your minipost

Miniposts do appear on timeline in a chronological desc order so that you can always see what's happened in the previous hours just sliding yout timeline.

As for all new feature we've tested a lot before going to production but some bug might arise in the first days, please tell us in the comments if you see something wrong.

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