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8 curiosities about wine

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8 curiosities about wine
Why the wine bottles are 75 cl?
This unit comes from the English culture,that measured the volume in imperial gallons. Each gallon was worth 4.5 liters. Each box contained 2 gallons of wine, which is divided into 12 bottles results in 75 cl each.

Hungarians never finish their glass
It 'a little-known proverb in Italy, but spread abroad, hiding the story of one of the best Hungarian wines: the Eszsencia. It was a just fermented grape juice, sweet, syrupy liqueur much that its last drops remained inaccessible on the bottom of the glass,in despite the desire to finish it!

A cap of Champagne can 'get up to 106 km per hour
It 'was a really broken records, whereas normally the rate recorded for a cap of Champagne is about 65 km per hour. A rate sufficient to break the glass of a window or to hurt someone, but not to the service levels of tennis players.

In Ireland wine is said "fion"
The world is full of idioms to define the wine. For example, in Vietnam it says "rou", and in Hungary "bor".

The first wine drunk in America was Spanish
It was in 1942 thanks to Christopher Columbus, and later with Magellan: sailors brought with them gallons of Jerez wine in barrels, much appreciated at the time, but above all capable of growing old without tarnish.

The country where we drink more wine in the world is the Vatican
The statistics are sometimes misleading, when relate the quantity of wine consumed per inhabitant: the Vatican it’s leading! Logical but 'if we compare the need for the Vatican necessary wine for the Mass and the small amount of inhabitants of this tiny state.

The country with the largest number of vitis vinifera in the world is Italy
Thanks to its more than 350 varieties, our country is the first in the world for variety of vitis vinifera. Montepulciano, Sangiovese and white Catarratto are the most cultivated vines in Italy.

The wine is an ingredient in the kitchen
Since ancient times the wine, both white and red, was used in cooking mainly for the following purposes: to marinate the meat, thanks to softened wine, flavor the dishes during their cooking, as it gets for example with risotto for the scallops in white wine, or braised and make the dough rise. Many sweet preparations fact, such as Puglia or salted cartellate like bagels, have as a fundamental ingredient of their kneading the wine that, thanks to the yeasts present in its composition, allows the dough to lightly, just enough to not add the yeast in many recipes of the folk tradition, the legacy of an era in which the wine was more common yeast.
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  • Vincenzo Monteleone

    Vincenzo Monteleone

    "Fu nel 1942 grazie a Cristoforo Colombo, e più tardi con Magellano: i navigatori portarono con sé litri e litri di vino di Jerez in barrique, già molto apprezzato all'epoca, ma soprattutto capace d'invecchiare senza ossidarsi"
    1942? :D

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  • Filippo Ronco

    Filippo Ronco

    Evidente refuso di battitura, il nove scambiato con il 4 :)

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  • Giuseppe Federico

    Giuseppe Federico

    Se non ci fosse stato il 1492 forse non ci sarebbe neanche stato il 1942...;)

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