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Wine and social media: who are the wine lovers?

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Wine and social media: who are the wine lovers?
We live in an increasingly "social" world, in which, every day, new terms born. And the cyber Wine lovers can't avoid the evolving of the language to define himself. Let's see some examples:

- Enjoyer: he sees wine as a mean to achieve happiness and rediscover himself. This definition is suggesting the "poètes maudits", like Baudelaire.

- Prophet: wine is a religious object, for those who fall under this definition, they see the delicious nectar of grapes as a purpose, a fetish to idolize. They love to talk about wine, vineyards, cellars and labels but always with great respect.

- Wine Victim: for those wine lovers, wine becomes the panacea for all ills: a girl left me, DRINK; the cat dies, DRINK; I've lost my job, DRINK; etc etc Every excuse becomes good for a glass of wine. As masochists, they wish misfortune only to sip wine!

- Wannabe: so are called those who would like to be wine experts or, at least, enjoy the moment but, for various reasons, can not. You can easily recognize them. If they are with someone (especially women) the wine they are drinking, has always some fantastic feature or some "obvious" defect.
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  • Anna Stevan

    Anna Stevan

    Al giorno d'oggi mi sembra che gli amanti del vino preferiscano analisi sensoriali ed emozionali alle classiche degustazioni tecniche, a volte un pò sofisticate. Entra in gioco la figura del Wine Educator, come io mi definisco, che si avvicina ad un pubblico meno esperto, dal vocabulario semplificato nonostante la profonda passione per il vino e la storia che lo racconta.

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