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  • Paolo Carlo Ghislandi - i Carpini

    Paolo Carlo Ghislandi - i Carpini

    Ciao Filippo Ronco e grazie per questo dettagliato report su quanto sta accadendo.
    Per noi europei mi permetto di specificare che verranno tenute in considerazione solo le opinioni di cittadini americani quindi è inutile scrivere a quel link predisposto.
    Di grande utilità invece può essere come scrivi anche tu rivolgersi alle nostre istituzioni preposte e farlo nel modo migliore.
    Perché la voce dei cittadini si possa sentire, è bene convogliare tutte le energie in un unica direzione e questo è l'indirizzo a cui scrivere. L'invito può essere esteso anche ad altri produttori di cibo e vino Europei.

    David Maria Sassoli

    Di seguito un esempio valido per chi non ha dimestichezza con l 'inglese (cortesia dell'amica Pierina Bianchini)

    Dear President David Maria Sassoli,

    The tariff war caused first by the Boeing-Airbus war, followed by a possible internet tax is not about who is right or who is wrong: I do not think most of us (citizens) have enough knowledge and documentation to argue about these. But the consequences are very dangerous for all of us.

    The real point is that along with the globalization process, even something good happened: we are now all linked together, we are intensely connected to each other, despite the still existing National borders. Sometimes we give for granted our ability to easily travel where we want, eat food and buy products which were not available to us, only 20 years ago. The reality is that in a highly competitive market we were forced to share our best to survive because Companies needed a broader final consumer market to increase their production and cut their cost. Companies had to optimize their resources in order to survive, and this allowed more and more people to afford products they could not before. And also allow small-medium Companies to find their way to survive and exist in a large number scale market. All these exporting and importing goods, generated many jobs.
    DO WE REALLY WANT TO GO BACK? Do we really want to close ourselves in our little garden? Are we ready to give up on what we have today? To go back to the 90’s? To jeopardize and risk all the jobs behind these circulations of goods and people? Are we sure the local- European market will be ready to absorb all the products shipped today in the US?
    Tariffs on European wines will put our wines out of the competitive market, allowing other emerging Countries to enlarge their sales in the US. Are we sure that after politics/bureaucracy will be done with their discussion, there will still be a place for us in the US market, with the same volume we have today?
    Small-medium wineries will be the first to die, and how many jobs with that? Small-medium wineries sell only a small portion of their production in bottle, most is sold in bulk to big wineries that need more quantities in their export market. Obviously that extra product will not be needed anymore. And without that small-medium wineries will never cover their cost of production.
    How many businesses and families will be affected by this?
    As the Americans are now expressing themselves to their politicians, indirectly helping us Europeans to save our economy and jobs, we, Europeans, decided to do the same: we are writing to you, the President of the European Parliament, to ask to save our products and our jobs, as the US jobs.
    Countries like Italy, France and Spain will drastically be affected by tariffs on their Food and Wine products followed by Portugal, Greece, Germany, Slovenia.
    I really wish that the 2020 will be an year where we will all gain awareness of where we stand and how we make a difference just by being in this world, it does not matter if we decide to do something or not: both our choices will have an impact!
    Please make this non sense to stop and protect our agricultural production.
    Kind Regards

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