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Tavernetta Rustik

di David Parreco
  • Via Regina Elena 67, Caderzone (TN) - Trentino-Alto Adige - Italia
  • telefono: 0465.804554
  • fascia di prezzo: meno di 30
Tavernetta Rustik
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This is a restaurant experience that I would recommend for anyone who adores the Italy for Italians' experience. Located off the beaten track, about 15 km from Madonna Di Campiglio ski resort (near Trento in the Dolomites) Tavernetta Ruskik is a real gem.

When my ol buddy George and I (see Photo) entered through the front room which contained a number of formica tables, a juke box and a slot machine, we knew immediately we'd come to the right place. Towards the back was the main dining room which seats perhaps 15 people and built to resemble the inside of a wine barrel.

I was introduced to the Tavernetta by Kari Biaudet of Hotel All'Imperatore in Madonna who would only vouch for the place on Wednesday nights. The reason? The owner owns a fishing boat on the coast and Wednesday is the day he serves his most recent catch. The meal is a cavalcade of Frutta di Mare: About 12 courses in all. All seafood oriented, from appetizers to pasta to baked and broiled to desert. The price? In 2004 about 26 Euro, including a fresh and tasty house white.

Highlights included warm octopus salad and fresh marinated anchovies, pastas with shrimp, shellfish and fin fish and more seafood baked, fried and broiled. There's only one seating and for a feast like the locals were making an evening of it.

Being adventurous, Peymana, George and I came back on Thursday to try the non-seafood menu. Once again it was excellent. I think we ended up going back every night for the remainder of the trip. Each evening, we simply asked the Owner, Michele to serve us whatever he felt like serving that night. He never steered us wrong and the welcome was always warm.

It's a bit off the beaten path, but well worth the trip. If you're in Veneto, Michele is well worth tracking down.

Note: Kari is now the proud owner of a new 4 star hotel he built from the ground up. He's originally from Finland but now only returns there to vacation. Winters he's at Madonna di Campiglio and summers he charters his 56'swan. What a life.

Tavernetta Rustik
Via Regina Elena 67,
Tel. 0465.804554

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David Parreco

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  • Filippo Ronco

    Filippo Ronco

    Hi David,

    thank you for joining Vinix. We're looking forward for your next review. I've corrected the name of the town that is "Caderzone" not "Calderzone". I've added a photo of Caderzone too because I can't find a foto of the restaurant.

    Bye, Fil.
    Vinix Admin

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  • David Parreco

    David Parreco

    Thank you. I had a photo, but did not see how to load it into the restaurant review. (My italian is very limited). Thanks. I love your site. I can load the pic if you tell me how.

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  • Filippo Ronco

    Filippo Ronco

    Hi David. It's easy.
    Simply click on "my restaurant reviews" link on your personal menù, here on the right sidebar. Once you are in you restaurant reviews, click on "modify" near the review you want to update. At the bottom of the review form you can see the "sfoglia" button to find a jpg file located on your pc.

    Let me know if you need further help.

    Bye, Fil.

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