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Trattoria da Pino

di Deika Elmi-Abdulle
  • Via San Lorenzo 27, Marsala (TP) - Sicilia - Italia
  • telefono: 0923 715-652
  • fascia di prezzo: da 31 a 50
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My husband and I had a quiet dinner last night at Trattoria Pino, there weren't many diners just two other couples and a table of friends.

I had the appetizer. At Pino's they have a beautiful table laden with all sorts of siclian vegetable appetizers. Eggplant, Zucchini, olives, onions prepared in many ways. Breaded, sauteed, boiled, broiled, in agrodolce.
I had an egglplant cutlet, it was lightly breaded and fried, it was amazing.
And I had some octopus and portobello mushrooms.
For my main course I had grilled calamari and my husband had a pasta dish Pino's is famous for Zuppa ghiotta di aragosta con pasta.
The soup or lobster broth was delicious and it had short spaghetti pasta. The portion was huge so I tasted it.
My calamari and shrimp were beautifully grilled and served with the freshest dribble of amazing gold/green extra virigin olive oil -liquid gold.
My husband had a candied orange with almond praline for dessert and I had a bit of a sicilian cannolo. We drank a 2009 Cantine Birgi Nero D'avola, very good. It was inexpensive, Marsala at it's best. Fresh fish, good wine, excellent olive oil. I think the trick to eating well here lies in ordering fresh, simple dishes. Things you can plainly see. A friend of mine Giovanna told me this, never order complicated creamy compositions or as she says "cose pasticciate" order fish you can see, and check for freshness, ask them to broil, grill, sautee or boil gently. A bit of lemon a bit of olive oil et voilà.
All in all Trattoria Pino is a simple osteria, no amazing wine list, no Michelin stars, they are simple folks and they make simple but good and high quality dishes. Worthy of a detour no doubt.
Marsala manages to charm and steal my heart in the winter too, the city all gussied up with christmas trees and lights, and the sea..silvery lavander and cold. A cold briney wind blows and it sweeps everything away, lovely and bracing.

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