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Vivaldi, Lidl, Champagne and sex

di Deika Elmi-Abdulle

A powerful short video, an advertisement for Champagne at Lidl the discount chain, in Holland. The way they attached a well known and refined piece of music just reinforces the class and elegance mystique that Champagne producers have been able to lay claim to for the last 200 years. Digital media is powerful. There might be a slightly sexual connotation, sex has always been used to sell well...just about anything. A man, holding a somewhat phallic object in his hands and the rest of it. Some may say it's a clichè but I am open to discussion. What does everyone think? Is this blatantly sexual? I'd love to hear from some women usually it's guys that respond to my posts. So pray do tell? Is it just me or is this almost overtly sexual?

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